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A region of rivers and lakes of wide abundant village swims

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The north that dot of travel of a region of rivers and lakes is located in the city zone the wide abundant village of 3 kilometers. Here sends breath of field of a region of rivers and lakes. Should swim the characteristic of the dot is to offer You Le to sample service.

The project has: Freedom delimits, appreciation a region of rivers and lakes; Rambling orange garden, freedom is picked; Offer a fish to provide, pond go angling, if have fun at,still can issue boiler to sample to the dining-room around the fish that oneself angle; Sample the bright jasmine scented tea that here cultivates, gan Xiangzhi flavour, fu of ooze person lung; Provide cultivated field, the tourist can cultivate the fruiter flowers and trees that he loves with one's own hands, hang out one's shingle accept as a souvenir, the coming year comes again harvest; Still can visit farmhouse, understand local customs. Of You Weixin of a region of rivers and lakes of person wide abundant " peach blossom source " .

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