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Beauty spot of wild goose hill

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Wild goose hill, be faced with on the west river, get a name because of wild goose of its hill be similar in shape, judged 2002 for countryside of river door live abroad new 8 scene - - " wave of wild goose shadow is smooth " , scene area area 300 hectare, altitude of the highest peak in a mountain range 310 meters, it and each other of hill of Nanhai Xi Qiao say " sororal hill " , hill and water are united in wedlock, and ridges and peaks rises and fall, strange Shi Jingxiu, mountain forest luxuriantly green, chan of Qing Xi Chan, spring clang, match with myriad of stage of temple, booth, scenery. Support to the peak from the foot of a hill, hill of peak of meeting temple, lion, wild goose makes the same score cabinet of door of hill having wild goose, half hill, sea village of lane of tower of peak of lake, life, Liu Youting, epoch, Number One Scholar, zoo, barbecue, He Qiao is beautiful, clean pool, sea yuan hole, noble, the scenery is picturesque, to extremely the top looks 6 city, county (namely crane hill, brillant, new meeting, Zhongshan, suitable heart, Nanhai) , appreciate rurality of Pearl River delta, relaxed and happy during, unavoidable gasp in admiration " ground of extraordinary years, an outstanding personality is clever " !

Beauty spot of hill of wild goose of crane hill city established glide umbrella Education Foundation, the first when become umbrella of glide of Pearl River delta. Held trial jump activity a few times a few days ago, two parachute drop is set in the summit, one is in epoch tower foot, another is in television tower foot: Highest parachute leaves the ground perpendicular to amount to 260 meters highly. Club of umbrella of glide of aviation of Hubei China couplet thinks wild goose hill hides wind to get together gas, be helpful for slippery umbrella training; The valley is gently, without the high tension line, without ragged rock and too tall tree, fit parachute jumping campaign, and the foot of a hill runs back and forth to the summit very convenient; Be apart from the car Cheng that Guangzhou needs 45 minutes only plus crane hill, communication is easy.

Beauty spot of wild goose hill is located in north of the city zone of crane hill sanded 泙 , according to An Zhan highway and Buddha drive a highway by, harbor of hill of near neighbour crane, be apart from 60 kilometers of Guangzhou, the regular bus that saves a station half hours every to have crane mountain leaves piece, sha Ping arrives car of scene division special railway line every 15 minutes one, terraqueous traffic is very convenient. There is astral class inside scene area luxurious hotel 2, eat, live, amusement establishment completely. Entrance ticket: 10 yuan / person.

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