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Fosan ancestor temple

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Fosan ancestor temple only then build at Northen Song Dynasty yuan between good year, be by praise highly bead trigonometry first of 10 thousand temple, so, whenever Spring Festival first day of the lunar year, a lot of Fosan people fashionable burns on a few column to Zu Miao sweet, pray New Year good weather for the crops, heart thinks the thing is become. Someone says: Had not gone to Fosan to Guo Zumiao. This word a bit truly! Fosan ancestor temple is located in the busy streets of road of Fosan city ancestor temple. It is the northward Xuan Tian that consecrate Taoism esteems a letter the fane of great emperor, only then build at Northen Song Dynasty yuan between good year (the Christian era 1078- - 1085) , yuan temple of bright north emperor, bright generation changes say clever should ancestral temple; Because here is Fosan all the time after Song Yuan the place of discuss official business of public of each ancestral hall, make the tie that coupling surnames each, so Fosan person be used to call it Zu Miao. Zu Miao sits south the Northern Dynasties, cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 3500 square metre.

Original structure already Yu Yuanmo burn down, ming Hongwu 5 years (1372) rebuild, repair again through more than 20 later, extend, form a dimensions eventually baronial, design the elegant, ancient building that has individual people style and grumous place distinguishing feature group. Zu Miao by arrange in north and south to in stage of axial on-line boundless blessing, clever should memorial archway, bright and beautiful drum-tower of popular poll, bell, 3, before the structure composition such as building of hall, main hall, Qing Zhen, structure rigorous, system is whole. Boundless blessing stage is in Zu Miao most Na Duan, it is a large stage that offers Guangdong opera performance only. Fosan of Guangdong opera traceable, annual 67 month, each theatrical troupe of outer show returns Fosan, disband old class, recombine new class. According to convention, the head field show of new theatrical company needs the boundless blessing stage in Zu Miao undertakes. This building to rest hill coils canopy supports, mesa is wide 3 the standard width of a room in an old-style house. Around stage uses clapboard of gold lacquer woodcarving to part, two side set clapboard the door comes in and go out for the actor. The upside in the middle of clapboard carves SamSung of blessing salary birthday; Cao of " of story of bottom sculpture opera holds the occasion of " of stage of sparrow of great dinner copper; The left and right sides is carved respectively fall dragon, Fu Hu 2 arhat. Labour of these knife of gold lacquer woodcarving wash experienced, craft thick mine of adept, calligraphy or drawing. It is to be built at Ming Jingtai 2 years on boundless blessing stage (1451) clever should memorial archway. Side of memorial archway north is bright and beautiful popular poll. There is tadpole of coil of snake of stone carving chelonian in the pool, be boreal emperor is indicative. Bright and beautiful popular poll two side rouse Lou Hechong to respect the door, Duan Su door for the bell. Carve having a brick, grey carve and contented model are acted the role of on two wall by. Among them contented model is conspicuous most.

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