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The first beach of Chinese travels area

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Element has " southern north wears a river " area of travel of the first beach is located in the China that say on peninsula of Nanhai of division of test of development of aid of the east longitude of water of luxuriant name town, have white beach, winding forest belt, the seaside is built have abound the villa of exotic elegant demeanour group the yurt with ethical characteristic, still seafood feeds a market.

The You Le activity such as football of the parachute in peaceful type sky, motorboat, beach, volleyball can have on beach. Annulus island You Ke comes from central area water east bay, in maritime fishing, sightseeing is maritime feed a market, sample namely boil seafood, full see thalassic show look. Phreatic water travels but climb a hill puts gallinaceous island to go up sightseeing swims, view and admire marine wonderful view.

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