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Bai Shuiyan beauty spot

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Bai Shuiyan visits area neighborhood 200 much hectare, communication is easy, inherent strange Shi Yifeng, pines and cypresses of verdant green, travel landscape is distinctive, ming Dynasty period already was famed natural resort. Existing Lan Rean is the Buddhist resort with famed far and near, classics in recent years reparative already formed with extend on, next medium, hut, liang Shudong of the carve inside hut, pavilion a covered corridor or walk, tectonic choiceness is beautiful.

It is before hut " Bai Yun closes " (Wu Dianbang of calligrapher of quiet home town of Guan Weiming end is Bai Yun of be handed down through generations avoid of Wei Zhongxian kill, go long hereat place book) . Its are left the stone hole hole that still one can hold thousands of person, zhongshan stone danger is blamed inside; Of hut on the right side of have " celestial being hole " , " celestial being spring " , inside the hole although be in the intense heat of summer still algidity approach person, spring is crystal-clear Gan Tian; At the back of Lan Rean, strange stone is bony, uncanny workmanship, your person cries absolutely. Visible form the stone trying a sword of each different, bed of Mian of frog stone, palm-leaf fan stone, celestial being... . Here has the story of a lot of beauty and fokelore, want you to visit its area only, you can know, of Bai Shuiyan " cliff " really not simple.

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