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Beauty spot of 7 stars cliff

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Be located in in center of the city zone, mountain range of back north mountain. Because 7 strange peaks list stand erect to be like the Plough, reason gets a name. The past history of 7 stars cliff is a lot of more fabulous, having 7 mountain peak that say 7 stars cliff is 7 clever rock that female Wa filling climate leaves; Have saying is the sky world of 7 fairy envy, love Zhao Qing alone and descend to the world does not return etc. The open up of 7 stars cliff, only then at the beginning of Tang Dynasty year, after this past dynasties all has development construction. After new China holds water, through administering landscape, gardens afforest, repair historic site of fine and soft, add new condition, build travel establishment, make 7 stars cliff more add attractive charm. The view of emphasis of the first batch of nations that made approval of the State Council 1982 scenic spot area.

7 strange peaks such as slope of palm of column of room of You Langfeng of beauty spot of 7 stars cliff, Yu Bing, stone, day, toad, celestial being, A and east lake of lake, Qing Lianhu, center, wave sea lake, in the lake 5 greatly. Area of lake of 7 stars cliff is vast, gross area amounts to 4.6 million square metre, cloth of 7 cliff peak lists meantime. Water of annulus of hill of whole situation area is circled, booth pavilion a pavilion or house on a terrace, shadow of wave smooth cliff, muddy is an organic whole, natural scene is superexcellent, to have " the first marvellous spectacle austral mountain " , " terrestrial cloudland " , " natural landscape dish scene " beautiful praise. Will more than 1000 years do not know tip guest of Chinese ink of how many celebrity, left the Shi Wen of countless.

"Borrow west lake water one zhuan3huan2, more move Yang Shuo 7 caboodle hill; Bank margin puts on filar silk willow, picture is long take scope of operation. " the poetics picture meaning that the line height of Xie Jianying's chairman generalized scenery of 7 stars cliff. Tourist attraction of 7 stars cliff is various, among them big landscape has memorial archway to pull get the better of, make the same score lake deep and remote bank, lang wind afterglow, yu Bing is folded emerald green, bone of stone forest high and steep, billow of rainbow bridge snow, shui Yueyan cloud, lofty stage takes a month, stone room Tibet is strange, chiliad poem corridor, green jade glow mirrors jade, day column picks a bit, lotus lake goes boating, a slope emerges spring, laurel Xuan Liu is drunk, cup peak float is green, hole of open day stone, lunar soul the soughing of the wind in the pines, autumn wind of celestial being palm, the 20 scene such as wave sea morning sunlight. In recent years, below the leader of various government, increased a lot of new tourist attractions, be like square of memorial archway culture, every time curtain of night arrives, rainbow is glaring, tourist is like crucian carp, when at present the biggest outdoor music fountain starts the whole nation, square of memorial archway of 7 stars cliff more appear grand, whenever on the weekend or holiday, here still can enjoy a literary program of a rich and colorful, make a person bewitched really. Be located in the fairy lake of astral cliff the east, every time the sun falls on the west, still can view and admire natural marvellous spectacle- - lie Buddha gulps day.

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