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A bamboo basket of exceeding lofty or great: Hole of day of uncanny workmanship

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  Unique close partly " subterranean forest " hide cereal bottom

Big funnel of A Li Xibo is so-called the world the first, diameter of its mouth of a cave is 322 meters, deep 70 meters. And a bamboo basket of exceeding lofty or great is very infrequent close completely drop burrow, deepness amounts to 97 meters, go up small big, diameter of mouth of a cave 73 meters, bottom the biggest diameter many meters 140, so-called " China the first hole " . 4 walls show whole burrow handstand echelon, an abdomen is big little tremendous farmhouse place uses be similar in form or appearance cereal a bamboo basket, "A bamboo basket of exceeding lofty or great " name from this and come.

   Ten million defeats a leaf to had done not have knee before New Year

Wall of rock of a bamboo basket of exceeding lofty or great is perpendicular and abrupt, the person of the outside and animal can enter day pit rarely, day hole formed a zoology environment that closes relatively. Sunshine passes through pithead " big mouth " bottom of OK and point-blank hole, this grows for floral offerred essential illumination condition. Through the existence of the rainwater that mouth of a cave falls and groundwater, grow for biology again provided moisture content. And as a result of the height above sea level end hole under the highland outside hole, go up small big tremendous " stone a bamboo basket " cold wind close the door on, the warmth outside hole is being compared apparently by hole so a lot of. Feng Han shedding is raided when, the station looks downward in day hole brim, a lush and green underground forest is exuberant, fresh and green be about to drip, wrap around with on circumjacent hill one the photograph of withered and yellow forest of frost belt snow is compared disparate. But the height that the station is in nearly 100 meters by prep above hole looks downward, flourish forest group be like,as if the small careless individual plant of mattress.

This height closes " subterranean forest " do not see more on the world, become contemporary biologist to study the treasury of primitive zoology, have great value to studying the origin of grotto vegetation and development. Came 1000000000, in day hole move a plant to be here birth, withholding the biology fossil before thousands of all ages not only, the biology species before returning in store a few years.

The station seldom is counting a person can the day hole of sortie is bottom, thousands of all ages comes withered the incomplete branch that declines to death defeats a leaf most in the knee part that did not spend explorer actually.

   Bug of arboreous overgrowth snake is circuitous

Bottom of day hole hole has about 3500 square metre, growing the plant community of an original natural disposition that keeps apart with the ecosystem photograph of the outside almost. Go up between the soil of yellow of hole bottom palm and hoar block growing a large number of very tall tree, but what differ apparently with outside tree is, to contend for finite sunshine bounty, major tree can on face " overgrowth " , tree thin tall, the diameter of a lot of trees is controlled 20 centimeters only, but height was achieved however many meters 30 tall.

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