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Mountain of golden compartment avalokitesvara

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Avalokitesvara mountain is located in stone tablet stone to press down the place of north and golden compartment have a common boundary, because there is hall of avalokitesvara buddhist Cong on mountain (water the palace of the moon) and get a name. Beach of mountain go into business is as long as 8km, bank LOOm is apart from to be in depth of water in the sea just 1, 5m, be apart from 2m of bank 200m depth of water. Qing Dynasty of Sha Bai, water, billow is small, it is an ideal natural natant beach. Strange hill is numerous before mountain, zhou En comes, Comrade Xie Ting in those days the Long Shi that go into business of speedily cross Hong Kong is in, churchyard of Shan end city is the biggest rub mountain is engraved " press down Hai Shi " , yue Shan of Cheng Dayou of chancellery of bright imperial envoy, Zheng is engraved " press down Hai Shi " , "Raise power shut-off of water " go up at pressing down Hai Shi. The place with " god, sea, sanded, stone " have both and famed, chairman of Chinese calligrapher association opens result gentleman to inscribe " another name for Guangdong Province east travel gold coast " on Yu Shi.

"Long Shi " it is to commemorate favour of Nanchang uprise the Later Zhou Dynasty came 1927, the push forward of older generation revolutionist such as Xie Ting, Nie Rongzhen is wet Shan area, zhou En comes the historical fact that the comrade is here cross the sea to go to Hong Kong by ship. Calligrapher Lai Shaoji endows with a poem to be engraved on Long Shi. Shi Yun: "Continent Zhu Yeru boiler, yao day one baffle. Bay of stone of speedily cross exhaust, be like downhill tiger suddenly " . Zhou En comes to the place that the comrade goes to sea by ship in those days to build now souvenir wells balanced. Monument engraves Wang Shoudao place to inscribe " Zhou En comes the premier crosses the sea to be in " .
"The stone that press down the sea " surround wide 8m, tall 5m. Yang Wen of famous general of Northen Song Dynasty of according to legend is wide lead troops go on a punitive expedition comes here, just encounter tide to go up flood road, yang Wen wide draw inserts the ground, raise power shut-off of water, hind stone of sword melt into. Bright god ancestor between 10 thousand past years, the imperial court is wide contribution of recall poplar article, admire life ginseng defends Cheng Dayou make one's rounds stone tablet stone to defend, the problem is engraved " press down Hai Shi " . "Raise power shut-off of water " it is bright Hu Guoqing problem engraves Geng Zinian of 10 thousand all previous; Qing Guangxu seventeen years (the Christian era 1891) the person such as Deng Molin of the emissary that press down stone tablet, Huang Rushan is inscribed respectively quarter " always press down An Lan " , " day water is monochromatic " , " day water get along with always " . Avalokitesvara mountain near future will recieve the palace of the moon of water of establishment, nap by travel of overall planning extend, build " maritime world " wait for a project.
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