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Country favour temple: Well-known both at home and abroad ancient Buddhist templ

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Favour temple is located in the country the dragon foot of a hill of compositive town leaves burgeoning county, be apart from a city 13 kilometers, provincial cultural relic protects an unit. It is the place of 6 Zu Huineng's former residence and garden lonely. It is the favour that benefit can foster to sign up for parents, at the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of path of great of Tang Xuan an administrative unit in Xizang (683 years) build, renown " pay a debt of gratitude temple " . Long Ernian of Tang Zhongzong god (706 years) next instructing grant a name to be " country favour temple " (today door forehead submit a written statement to a higher authority " imperial order gives a state favour temple " ) . This temple already had the history 1308 up to now.
Favour temple carries the country on the back pillow dragon hill, reason renown " Long Shan temple " . Together " imperial order gives a state favour temple " Gao Xuan of gloden big shop sign is over temple door. Country the Shanmenxi of favour temple to. Before square of temple front door, a buckjump of 10 meters long megalosaurus lie across, imposing manner is threatening, the stereo carve that seizes treasure to megalosaurus is acted the role of, before the temple that male crouch grows at nearly 100 meters over high fence, imposing manner extensive grand. Experience face is built, courtyard eaves essence of life is tight, layout is grand, floor area is vast amount to 9200 much square metre.

Temple of favour of dragon hill country

Favour temple main body is the country the platform that build by laying bricks or stones of megalith of rectangle of rank of three administrative levels becomes the form that fight bank is built, by hill situation, heighten of one after another. Cent is entered inside, namely King Kong hall, big Xiong Baodian, 6 ancestor halls. Two corridor still have amount to rub, the Zhu Yaofo hall such as lotus of ground Tibet king, eye, Wen Shu, Pu Xian and buddhist room, temple side has avalokitesvara hall, pay a debt of gratitude earth up wait for a building.
Cassock of Hui Nengjin body takes consecrate of 6 ancestor halls picture, close 6 banyan temples of Na Huasi, Guangzhou with beautiful 6 ancestor identical like modelling, build by place of square argue of home of its child statue therefore, reason pattern is clear, be like fleshy body Bodhisattva. Put formerly inside the hall have benefit can the content such as the Jin Bei that legacy appliance and Wu Zetian, Tang Zhongzong grants him, palace lantern. In addition, each hall still has figure of Buddha 40 Yu Zun, configuration each different, bump art masterly.
Country favour temple is well-known both at home and abroad, with global have ages ago sweet predestined relationship. Domestic and internationally often group of pay homage to comes this ceremony, visit China group to be with Japanese buddhism again most. In Feburary 1982, "Japan 6 ancestor footmark joins the group in visitting " temple of favour of call on country, had held ceremony of grand pay homage to, endow with poetic accept as a souvenir. Pilgrimage of Lai Guoen temple, excursive has sister of abroad 1990 overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan 10 much people. Guangdong saved people government 1989 the country favour temple protects an unit for provincial cultural relic surely.
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