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Village of China folk-custom culture

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Kicked off formally on October 1, 1991. It is the first assemble of domestic amorous feelings of the folk art of each nation, folk-custom and civilian house building visit an area at the large culture of an organic whole. Develop head office investment to build by travel agent of Hong Kong China and economy of city of Shenzhen overseas Chinese, be located in the Shenzhen bay bank with beautiful scene, border famous samite China is small shrink scene area.

Village of Chinese folk-custom culture covers an area of 20 much square metre, it is the first assemble of Chinese the area of scene of large culture travel of amorous feelings of each folk folk art, folk-custom and Yu Yiyuan of civilian house building. Embedded 24 villages of 21 nations, press 1:1Scale building. Have 24 villages, 56 a group of things with common features amorous feelings " , " Chinese folk-custom museum " beautiful praise. Village of Chinese folk-custom culture with " result from the life, prep above lives, elite of collect luxurianting growth, accept or reject somewhat " as the golden rule that proposes a village, from different point of view much flank reflected the folk-custom culture of Chinese rich and colorful.

Hold every months inside the village like link division, Water-splashing Festival a kind large folk section celebrates an activity. In the grand sight garden of assemble of this civilian house, the set each other off of careless building of lever column type of the boat form house of the Li nationality and the Va nationality becomes an interest, emersion the mankind's old building culture; " of one a screen wall facing the gate of a house mixes the 3 rooms of " with fancy sculpture of the Bai nationality the " siheyun " of the Han nationality, civilian house building designs the Chinese tradition that behaved high level craft. And accompanying these civilian house, it is to become piece Hainan coco forest, very tall on the west double edition Na Gurong, the elephant of the peacock of spread its tail and ramble. The tourist can take a car in " village " , walk, also can roam by ship.

The tourist is in the village, outside building a style except what can understand each folk, handicraft of the song and dance that still can be admired and participates in each nation, nation is made, sample ethical gust food, the evening party of show singing and dancing that views and admire ethical art big parade, professional level, folk-custom displays house, folk to love all sorts of setting such as the program, let a tourist appreciate the culture art with 56 nations much colorful posture. There are more than 10 manual mills inside folk-custom village, have handicraft of more than 20 folk and folk the fastfood performance that make, be like embroider of hand of dimension a group of things with common features, miao Zu wax printing, meal of Dai bamboo slip. Every time curtain of night arrives, imposing manner extensive grand artistic big parade begins ethical song and dance, the team of ethical fashionable dress of the team of strains of music accompanied by drumbeats of bold and unconstrained, gay dragon lantern group, humorous civilian company fire, dignified elegance, inside folk-custom village slowly before row; The ethical music fountain inside folk-custom village as music ejective 5 kinds of water column, of scene area night sky swim smooth beam of light, lead the visitor into happy climax, in the wonderful poem that leads life of the Chinese nation.
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